Vienna, Ohio


Where the hell is Vienna, Ohio?

  1. *Vienna is in Trumbull County, located in the Northeast armpit of Ohio. Trumbull County consists of vast farmlands and big cities, like Farmdale, Bazetta, Southington, Cortland, Fowler, Howland, Niles, and Warren.

* Do not confuse us with South Vienna or New Vienna, which are located somewhere in southern Ohio.

* Vienna is 12 minutes away from the former murder capital of the east, Youngstown.

* The Youngstown Airport is actually in Vienna, which SHOULD put us on the map, but instead Youngstown gets all the glory.

* From the map below, you can see when using the Zoom tool on Mapquest, Vienna is denoted as a red star but is still not listed as a city . . . yet. But there is Tyrrell, Weldon and other small mysterious towns shown nearby that most of the Viennese have never heard of ....

* This is an actual map of Vienna when you maximize zoom on Mapquest. Note that Mapquest thinks that Vienna Center is in the middle of the airport runway!

* Vienna's creative street names (not shown on map) are based on the farmers last names that owned the land when it was founded (hence Smith-Stewart, Sodom-Hutchings, King-Graves) or how Vienna links our big city neighbors (Warren-Sharon Road, Youngstown-Kingsville Rd).

* Old 82 a.k.a. Warren-Sharon Road runs through Vienna Center (hence the location of our only stoplight) and links us to the metropolis of Brookfield.

* Route 82 is the only highway that runs through Vienna. Do not confuse Route 82 with Old 82. The townies will surely know you are a tourist if you mix up the two roads.

* Route 193 a.k.a. Youngstown-Kingsville Road a.k.a. Belmont Avenue links us to our neighbors to the direct south, Liberty.