Vienna, Ohio


Welcome to our quaint little hamlet! Nestled in the armpit of northeast Ohio, Vienna is quite the getaway from the big city life. With endless activities, such as mud-running, sign stealing, road painting and toilet papering, we are sure to cure those city slicker blues you are having. So stop on by and visit for a while ...

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Some of the Mathews alumni have formed their own Video Production Company called Stuck in Ohio! Check them out!

Updated: July 2014


  1. -IGA is now CLOSED as of 6/1/14!

  2. -Check out the memorial service for the firemen that lost their lives on 9/11/11. The service was held at the Vienna Fire Station on the ten year anniversary.

  3. -Vienna LINGO:
        Viennese = citizen of Vienna
        Fowlerites = citizen of Fowler

  4. -Check out the Vienna Historical Society!

  5. -More people check in on the GUEST PAGE

  6. -The Fowler Website - Vienna’s rival town to the north!

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This site was born in 1999.


Crossroads Karaoke is the premier karaoke in the area!

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Check out the nail that is holding the mums down to the post!  This Viennese must have been out of duct tape!

Up in the sky ... It’s a bird ... It’s a plane .. No wait ... It’s a pterodactyl?!  ... Another Viennese creation.  His 20 foot tree stumps in the front yard were bare so he designed his own pterodactyl out of sheet metal (inspired from the one at Mill Creek Park’s Riverside Gardens) ... complete with nest (nest not pictured, it’s on the other side of the driveway on the opposing stump).

At some point every YSU student hits a patch of the ice in the Lincoln deck and rams into the side of the wall and loses their bumper ... Well a quick fix to keep your bumper on is to simply use BUNGEE CORD! Brilliant!! Mike (Big Rich’s son) learned from the best!

ABOVE: An old match book from Trail Ends (now called Shevies)

RIGHT: Got an old antique sled? Just add on a milk crate to update your sled with ease! The perfect modification to safely nestle your child in, then send them down the Monster Hills.

Sled modified by “Big Rich.”

Yep, the pervert level is pretty high today ‘cause THAT GUY is there lootin’ through the garbage!



LEFT: Hillbilly windchime ...

BELOW: The only kind of Apple Computer that the Viennese can afford.

A tribute to IGA: After 53 years, IGA closed its doors forever June 1, 2014.

Do not fret! A Dollar General will be moving in circa Fall 2014 for all your shopping needs!

Welcome to Vienna, Ohio!

This site dedicated to & inspired by “Big Rich.”

RIP - 4/11/13