Vienna, Ohio


Five Points & Amy Boyle Road

We have no idea if any of the following is true, we have just posted what was told told to us by the Viennese.  We do not encourage the visitation to the sites described below, unless you feel like being arrested by the local cops for trespassing.

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions in Vienna (actually Hartford township, but people usually say that it is here), that draws people from the big cities (like Hartford, Liberty, and Warren) is "Five Points."

Where is Five Points?

Five Points is the intersection of Warner, Kings-Graves, and Five Points Road. It is where Vienna, Fowler, Hartford & Brookfield meet.

What is the big deal about this place?

Nothing's spectacular about the intersection, it is the general area that is spooky. Pictured below is the intersection.

To the right is a map of the spooky parts of Five Points. There are three parts:

Blue Dot: The railroad bridge that runs over Five Points Road.

Green Dot: Formerly the Biros farm house, off of Kings-Graves Road, was finally demolished years ago.

Red Dot: Site of old Amy Boyle house

Site #1: The Railroad Bridge

There have been many rumors that this place is haunted.  We have heard accounts that people drive through here at night and then out of no where, be followed by another car and upon further examination, the windows have fingerprints on them!

There is even a rumor that if you go up onto the railroad tracks, you can hear a woman screaming. Some have even seen ghosts.

It is a common practice of the bored Vienna/Fowler teens to come here on fall nights for a scare (especially on Halloween) and drive through the area, with the windows down and stop under the bridge.

"We are watching you" reads the graffiti on this part of the bridge.

Site #2: The Farm House

A man lived in this farmhouse (pictured on the right) on Kings-Graves Road by the name of Kenneth Biros, right before the railroad tracks. He murdered a girl in the cabin in the woods behind this house over several decades ago.

About a month before the murder, someone came across a cabin while hunting. He was nervous when he saw the cult-like writings all over the insides on the walls. He said that there was a stone slab in the middle of one of the rooms. Today, the cabin is half-destroyed from trespassers over the years.

The forest there is VERY dark. If you walk in a few feet, its pitch black with very little signs of animal life. No birds or anything. Silence. Most people are scared to death walking there in broad daylight. Pictured left is a side view of the cabin.

Here is a site that gives more info on Trumbull County, Ohio scares!

The house was intentionally set on fire and burned to the ground several years ago according to local news.

Here is another view of the cabin.

It looks just like a garage made of cement blocks.

As you can see, there is graffiti everywhere.

Wanna see more pictures? Click here to download ALL the pictures. (saved as a

Site #3: Amy Boyle Road & The Old Farmhouse

The third site is found if you keep going on the railroad tracks until you hit the first road, Amy Boyle Road. The first bit of property on the right hand side was the land once owned by Amy Boyle. It was believed that her and her sister were witches and they regularly practiced witchcraft. The house was destroyed many years ago. Someone bought the property and a trailer home is there now. Would you want a home there?

Do you have a Five Points story?? Email me.

Hi, myself, my girlfriend and my sister went to Five Points this evening (06-08-14) at around midnight and when we went to turn down Bushnell Road, we got about 3/4 of the way down the road when we started to feel as though the car was being pushed backwards, I was keeping a close eye on the drivers foot the whole time and I know she wasn't braking. We got to the end of Bushnell and the pushing got more intense, at this point we decided to turn around, so we did a u-turn. On the way back mine and my sisters smart phones service turned to 0 bars and 4GLTE turned to E and thats when my sisters Galaxy S4 turned to 0% charge and the GPS mysteriously turned off and then the phone died. My girlfriend then turned her head to the side and then said that she saw a shadow and then we felt the pushing against the car again, this time more intense. We turned off of Bushnell and went back on to 305. We went all the way down when we noticed that we were being followed by a car.  A few minutes later, the car disappeared. We continued down 305 and the road fell dark only half of the street lights were lit, half of them flickered on, then off when another car went by. When we got home we checked for finger prints and we found claw marks and clear prints and palm marks. Pretty scary night!!

  1. -Heather H.

Me and my friend Tyler went to THE OLD FARMHOUSE on Five Points Road and heard crazy sh*t!! We started to walk off onto the trail in the woods and we thought we heard a distant scream and got kinda creeped out. After we heard the scream we started walking back to the car, where we saw the remains of the house (the basement) so we sat inside of it for a minute and heard the screaming again.  The longer we sat there, the louder the screaming got. It was 3 am so nobody was awake! The scream sounded like an agonizing, painful scream, but then it would switch to almost like a cry.

- Ashley

Though the old tracks might be fun to walk along at night, please be careful. My friend lives east of Five Points, and about a year ago, we had a few wolf and coyote sightings at the bridge, and all through the surrounding woods. I don't know if the farmers and hunters scared them back out or not, but it's best to not be on foot for long out there!


I used to live on Amy Boyle Road, right beside the tracks that they say there is a train that haunts it. I could talk forever about all the things that happened in the house I lived in. I only live there two weeks and my husband and I moved out. The place is all they say it is. The screwed up part is when I lived there I had no history on the place. I thought I was going nuts and that everything I saw and heard was insane. I thought there was something wrong with me. After I moved out I found out the history of the place. It has been like ten years since I lived there. It was insane.

- Nicole S.

I was wondering what it is with people that they have to be starting trouble. I read the one story where the guy mentioned throwing M80's on the road. It is no wonder that that man with the gun came running out shooting. Probably thought somebody was trying to shoot at him. Assholes like the guy telling that story make it hard on ghost hunters like me who don't bother anybody while they are out there and stay off of priave property. And as far as that guy shooting at anybody in the first place I guess he don't understand that the Ohio Revised Code says you can't shoot at a person who is on your property unless they are coming into your house. That guy needs to watch it because he is the person who is gonna get arrested by Hartford Police if anybody gets wounded or especially killed. Speaking of which where is that house over by? I want to make sure I stay clear of that house if I am ever walking around out there. Not to mention I am not going to be too tolerate of someone shooting at me if I am minding my own business. Because I shoot back and I am not such a bad shot myself. Not that I would want to do that but if I got hit or it just missed me it would be self defense.

Last summer I walked about a mile all by myself one night around 12 on the railroad tracks. People on here have talked about hearing screaming if they walk on the tracks at night. But I never did. I didn't feel the slightest bit uneasy. Is it just some people are more susceptible to hearing or seeing stuff or what? Lot of people have told me they could never do that alone. It wasn't bad. But I guess in my case I had my security uniform on since I got off of my 2nd shift security detail in Struthers and had my Beretta Model 96 with me on my belt along with 50 plus rounds of ammo. But anyway just curious if it is different for some people than it is others. I have been there several times. Some with a friend and others by myself but am disappointed. Still haven't gotten scared yet.

- Alex M.

Alright, last night (1-20-08) me and my 2 friends drove out to five points in vienna. Everytime we go out there we always experience some crazy stuff. The first thing we did last night was drive around to all of the little creepy looking bridges where the water runs underneath them. We stopped on top of one of them and turned everything off so we could hear or see anything. We were waiting and waiting. My one friend was looking out of the driver window and I was looking out the passenger window and next thing we all hear from the driver side was a splash in the freezing cold water. The thing that is creepy is that someone supposedly hung themselves on that bridge and eventually the body fell into the water so we got out of that part quickly.

Then we went to the railroad tracks where the crazy old guy with the gun lives and the remaining of the old Biros home where the KKK supposedly meets. My friend who was driving is crazy as hell so she parked right next to the railroad tracks where all of the stones are on the ground. We were about to get out when my friend turns around and asks if that's a train and we turn around and sure enough a train was coming. How can a train drive by on a railroad track that doesn't get used and where the tracks end a mile down?

After the train went through we were looking in the direction from where the train came from and there was a green light coming towards us. Couldn't be another train because they don't travel that close to eac hother and trains don't have green lights. It couldn't be a car because cars don't have green lights either and cars also don't travel on railroad tracks.

Me and the driver friend wanted to get out but my friend in the backseat was so scared and he didn't want to get out so we left him in the car by himself. We were walking the railroad tracks and we heard some noise coming from the old guys with the guns house so we sprinted back to the car. Yeah we didn't get that far before we wanted to go back.

The only thing that is kind of bull crap everyone talks about is the bridge where u stop under it and turn your car off and something pushes your car down the road when you put it in neutral. Well the road kind of goes downhill so your car is going to roll of course. So I don't believe anything there but there is no doubt that something roams on top of that bridge. There were so many lights that would flash a couple of times and then disappear out there too. Its a very weird and haunted place no doubt so I encourage everyone who wants a good scare to go out there and drive slowly and possibly stop to get out and look for things. You will see things!

- Corey S.

All this stuff about the 5-Points road area and the Amy Boyle Witch is quite interesting. Being a Viennese since the age of two, I have been most every place that is in the surrounding area. I was at the "Witches House" on Amy Boyle Rd. before it was burned down and people lived in it. It was kind of spooky even then as when you drove by it, there was always somebody on the front porch and some guy would come out and yell at you to get the hell away from their property. It was really scary when you were an underage kid of about 15, on your way to C'Lo's to get some 'Sinkers' and beer.

We stopped there one night and tossed a few M-80's onto the road and then pulled to the tracks. They went off and the guy on the porch must have freaked out from it as we got shot at. I was with my usual running buddies that night and when we took off baking the tires, and the Clutch went out in the car we were in. The old Ford lurched forward enough to get past the edge of the wooded area and stopped. It wouldn't go anywhere...and then in the moonlight we saw the figure of some big guy coming towards us from the house. Needless to say, we were kind of scared at the thought of this guy coming and having the cops from Brookfield come and get us, and then he just VANISHED ! He was about forty feet from the tracks, headed toward Collar Price, and he just disappeared while he was in the middle of the road. Friggin' Awsome! We had jumped into the car when he was headed towards us and when he vanished, Jim turned the car over and it started, put it in gear, and found that the thing worked like new. No clutch slip, nothing. It was like it had been fixed right there. The next day, his car wouldn't move as the clutch really HAD gone out then. How we got home? Who knows? WE changed the clutch the next day...nothing but burnt pieces and the metal arms.

At the Bridge, we used to go sit there and party at night. We were all up on the tracks and saw a light coming towards us from the east, towards where Rt.305 is. Wondering what it was, we stepped onto the edge of the right of way to get a better look. It was, as far as we could see, a lantern, just about 4 foot off of the ground, but there was nobody holding it! Needless to say, we all took off for the bridge and more or less fell down the hill and got into the car, not even giving a hoot about the 4 beers left on the side of the Bridge! We got the heck out of there and never looked back

There is one more incident that I have that really stands out. It was in 1976 when there were 3 of us in my car, the middle of Winter, and the roads were a complete sheet of snow and ice. We had just left C'Lo's and were heading back to Vienna, when my car went over the tracks and a Flashlight ot something shined on us from over by the house there. The car immediately started to spin like a top and we went down the road like that for what seemed like a few minutes ( probably only 15 seconds ) and we were in a slow motion kind of visual thing. I could not steer at all and I took my hands off of the wheel and we started to laugh a bit and the car went backwards, right off the road, but didn't hit the ditch. There was a small driveway that was used by tractors to get into the field past the house, and we went right into it, backwards in the snow, and then, after we gained our composure and wiped our eyes from the tears of the laughter ( and checked our pants! ) we just drove right out. Now we were in a DEEP bunch of snow, about 20 foot off of the road. We had spun backwards out of control and hit a 6 foot wide spot that cut between the deepest ditch on the road, and hit nothing. All of this without my hands on the wheel. I put the car in gear and just drove it right out of the field, the deep snow, everything. If there isn't a "MAJIC" in that area, I don't know where it could be. It made a believer out of the three of us! I have many more experiences of the area, but there is not enough time in the day to put them on here, nor enough space. The names were not given to protect our now adult images. For kids, the Fowler-Vienna area was a wild and great place to grow up in. I wouldn't change it for the World!

- Ernie G.

My friends and decided to go to five points last night around 12ish and we didn't think we would see anything. So we decided to go stop under the bridge first we did see anything or hear anything and so we left. Then we took the road to the left of that road and we saw nothing. But all of along we were trying to find the railroad tracks and then we found them. The weird thing is that there was a car following us and we saw the head lights and then we didn't and then we did again so we got freaked out and we thought it was a cop and so we turned on the first and only street before the tracks and sat the so it would by us and we waited and looked and it never came and there was no was it could have went any where else and so we flipped out and went back to the tracks and stop there and all of sudden it just became foggy and we all got this kid of live cold felling and We just told are friend to leave and go! We couldn't take it so we left and went home. another weird thing is that all of cell phones just died and when we left they were just find! We were freaked and aren't going back!

- Anonymous

Yesterday me and a bunch of my friends were hanging out when we decided to go to 5 points. When we got out there it was like 2 am. We went under the bridge and got out and Scott went up on the bridge and ran back down cause he saw something. so we got in the car and drove to the other tracks and kept going back and forth until 3 am. at exactly 3 am we were going back to the bridge and a train went across... at this point we were really freaked out but we decided to stay anyway. after the train we left the bridge and we turned around. I was leaning on my hand by buddy Ricky when a flash of light exploded in between our faces. we started screaming what the hell was that. and we were really freaking out when something sparked out of nowhere on the center of my chest i slapped of and it went on to my pants and disappeared, Ricky and josh both saw it. Right after that Scott said he felt something hit him in the chest. we got out of there as fast as we could and i was really freaked out for the rest of the night. i will never forget that night.

- Anonymous

About a year ago in march of 05 me and five of my friends (James-cousin, Mike, Matt, Brent, Juwan) were f**k'n bored just drivin around in Cortland. We were a little buzzed but i knew exactly what was going on and what i saw....and it was the same with everyone else too. So were just drive'n try'n to figure out something to do, no parties or anything, so i said "shit dude, lets go to five points," cause i used to live in brookfield off of ST.RT.82 and i had never been there so everyone was like "YEAH"! So we all organized and drove out there. We pull in and the front of the house looked the same from when i used to pass it going to school, but then when we pulled in around the back of the house and got was pitch black just like everyone makes it out to be but when we all walked in the house using lighters and cell phones as flashlights you could see the attempted arson ( not one ever gets it on the first try). The stairs leading to the top floor were caved in so we just crept, all six of us, very slowly looking around. Graffiti all of over with a big red devil face spray painted on the left wall as soon as you walk in and all kinds of other shit....Anyway so we take another left and see a baby crib sittin there, and were all like what the hell is up with this. So immedetly as you walk in the room with the crib there is a door on your left that leads down to the cellar. Now this is the f**ked up part, and this is THE TRUTH an honest to god truth and i have five witnesses that if interegated will say exactly what im telling you right now. I didnt see any trains, or cult members, no finger prints, NO POLICE, screams or moans of any was dry outside and had been dry for weeks no rain or snow BUT when I opened the door to the cellar the floor was coated with a SOLID SHEET OF ICE!!!!! Now when you see the set of stairs they are obviously longer than just FOUR steps so that made the ice at least 4 to 5 feet thick.....and i mean it was solid, no wet spots at all. Now how can that be when it hadnt rained or snowed for 3 or 4 weeks. We all went down there and had to get on all fours, LITERALLY, and kneel our way out of the basement through the storm was very tramitizing and ill never forget it.

- Anonymous

However, the only thing that happed that other people have experienced is that damn truck that is always speeding up and down...I thought nothing of the truck because it was flying after another car down the road. I thought that it was a U.C.

- Sam

Me and my two friends Buzz and Nick were on our way home from Sharon Speedway. We thought it would be cool to sit on the tracks. So we stopped the car on the tracks, rolled down the window then shut the car was completely silent, no grasshoppers nothing...then to our left we saw two bright lights was a f***ing train! So nick goes to start the car and it wouldn't turn this time i was freaking out, thinking i was literlly going to right when were about to get out of the car and jus run the car turns over and we get off the tracks...we pulled up a lil father from the tracks and waited for the train...bout 5 minutes later we realized the train wasn't coming...and it never did.

- Amanda

Saturday night, my girlfriend and a few friends and I drove up to Five Points. We took the second turn on the left and started to go up the hill when all of a sudden we noticed these lights coming from the right side. Here it was a train, and it made no noise and there was a car that appeared out of no where. After turning around before I could reach the tracks, I swear I didn't pass the car at all! Freaky!

- Nick

One night in October of 2004 we all went to the train tracks. We heard a piercing scream that still haunts everyone ... We stayed for a hour or two just browsing the bridge then we went into the house and played Ouija Board and heard noises, knockings and shrieks.

- Kyle

Me and 3 of my friends went to the bridge and were sitting underneath it waiting for the 3 knocks that people say they hear. we didnt hear anything so we went to the house and went in, the first thing i noticed was how dark it was outside, all u could see was a small glare coming off my car from the moon. we headed inside and my friend Joe went first, i was second ryan and his girfriend went last. once inside we were looking around and ryan said he heard something, so i told everyone to be quiet we heard three muffled knocks on a wall. i immediately looked at joe because he was telling us the day before how he knocked on the window last time they went there and the driver freaked out. i looked at him and he was standing in the middle of the room. i asked him if he knocked and he said "no i haven't moved" i was like screw this place and we left.

- Jim

Last summer I went with a group of friends to the house on Five Points! I didn't think to much of it because I had heard the mysterious of the house and I really didn't believe it. I walked into the house and man did a lot of crap go down! It went from Hot to Cold the whole way through the house and we heard a lot of noise! We then walked the rail road tracks and heard a blood curling scream! I ran back to the house and got in my car and it wouldn't turn over right away. Then backing up I got stuck but there was nothing to get stuck in. There wasn't anything there! That place is screwed up and I won't walk back on that property for as long as I live. This is what happened to me.

- Joe

It was Halloween, 2003. My Friends, Erica, Ron & I decided to go to Five Points. I was driving Erica's car without having a license. It was somewhere right after we passed the Vienna Air Base that I notice a truck coming up behind me out of no where. I told my friends that "there's a truck that came out of no where & he's riding my a$$". Erica & Ron told me to slow down & let him pass, so I did. The truck recklessly speed up (almost hitting the car), got over sort of just drove by us for a second, passed us & disappeared!! We were creeped out. We got to the intersection of the points & went to 'The Bridge'. We stopped & was spray painting. We were there for a good 35 minutes, driving to allow traffic to pass & stopping to paint. We seen a car coming so I, not having a drivers license yet jumped into the drivers seat while my friends lined up the spray paint cans behind the car so the car would hit them. Then Erica & Ron got into the car. We took off but then slowed to watch the car break under the bridge & hit the cans! I floored it not knowing yet that it was a cop, i thought it was the truck again so i slowed to let the car pass, except the car turned on its lights & pulled us over. I threw the car in park while it was still going & jumped into the back seat. We ended up getting arrested, her car was impounded.

- Lindsey

There are so many different stories but i can say one thing is true...we went to the underpass and i stopped my car underneath and turned off the lights..we heard something above us and we booked. I just washed my car that day. and my window was down, hence hearing the sounds. so i took off and rolled up my window..and what do you know..three smeared fingerprints..insane.

- Eric

A bunch of crazy shit happened to me and my friends at five points.... and whoever said that they saw a white figure walking towards them isn't bullshittin cuz i saw it every time ive been up there. Me and my one friend went up there and drove 10 miles per hour down past the house and over the railroad tracks til we hit more woods... out of nowhere we could hear footsteps in the woods on the right side of the car and then we looked over and saw this white figure jump towards the car. we took off. for some reason every time i go up there the white figure is always there. We were sittin under the bridge and we turned the car off. about 15 minutes later i saw the white figure appear and go behind the left side of the bridge... so i took off..Also every time i go up there three finger marks appear on my window when im at the bridges.

- Anonymous

Me and my friends constantly go up to five points.. and something always happens to us. Well we go under one of the bridges and shut off the car and sit there for a lil bit then one time we heard 3 taps on the roof of the car..but everyone's window was up cuz we thought one of the guys were trying to scare us...then when we go home there is always 3 finger wipes on the windows...Another time we've been up there under the bridge and heard lil feet steps and running and then we heard Carousel music playing... its pretty freaky up there...

- Somer and Chelsea

It was April 15, 2004 and it was me and 2 of my other friends. We went past the bridge and our car started making noises and its a brand new car! Well then we turned the car off on the railroad tracks and being that its a 2004 Grand Prix it wouldn't start after we turned it off, and then it beeped 3 times....after that it started back up we turned around and saw the light from the train . . . but there was no train. We went over the tracks and pulled into the farm house drive and it was PITCH BLACK u couldn't see anything but the house...and then we saw a light flicker in the house. It really freaked us out and we were outta there!

- Melanie & Jacquelyn

I have a brand new car that i had trouble starting back up when on the railroad tracks. that has never happened before. also while we were leaving that road, we had the windows down and heard awful screaming in the woods. we weren't gonna check it out. then but by the house every time we went down that road there is a white car that ALWAYS passed us 3 or 4 times each time flying by us. we were gonna go to the house but there was a bunch of cops out that night.

- Anonymous

Last summer me and about five of my friends went to five points. we were on top of the bridge just kind of looking around up there and kept looking ahead, like straight at the road and we saw a white figure walking towards us! we were so scared we were going to run back down to get back in the car but we saw a cop coming down the street so we had to duck and as we laid there the ghost got closer and closer just walking really slow, after the cop past we hurried up and ran and got in the car!

- Kalyn

We had gone to five points on Friday the 13. We went by the bridge and when we all had looked back there you could see a body swinging back and forth. but after you had left it at a certain point you couldn't see it anymore! we all were freaked out!

- Audrey

My friend Shannon saw Amy Boyle! White dress and all! We were driving along and saw her there and she started crying. While she was crying we heard a girls cry out from yonder. After thatr me and my friends split.

- Shannon

My friend Steve and his friends went up there and he said that out of no where a bunch of people started yelling at them in tounges..and they chased them in a big truck..not the truck at the farm house..but i dunno..just a truck..another time he went inside though house and appearently he heard an old man cackle..he said it was freaky. ive been on top of the bridge when a train was going over..and either it was the train or something bc i heard a really very high pitched noise...i dont really know what it was..but it was freaky.

- Anonymous

My friend Erin..her mom used to live around the area when she was younger...teenager sorta deal...she was on her four wheeler..and went down a dirt path...and there was a ravine...and on the other side she saw like 40 or so men dressed all in black..with black hoods on...and everything...they chased her through a clearing and there was a van...and they all got into the van and chased her on her four wheeler.

- Greg

Hey i went out to five points last night with my father and his friend. The craziest thing that happened was, it was just my father and i going out there around 4, we went by the house and seen there were 2 trucks sittin there without wheels or anything. Well how they were setup was one was parked sideways, and the other was parked diagonal. Well we went back at around 8:30 that night and the 2 trucks were sitting right behind one another. Another story that i have was we went down Amy Boyle road to the railroad tracks...the second we put the car in neutral and beeped 3 times a train seriously came at us. Well we left and went right back to the tracks again...did the same thing within 3 minutes and a train was barreling right at us again. This is not possible because there is no way that a train will travel on the same track 3 minutes away from each other on a single lane track. Really freaky.

- Nick

Me and my friends went to 5 points last night and got the cops called on us and it was really scary i didn't know that we weren't allowed to go back there guess the owner wanted to press charges but the police let us off with a warning! it was so scary and i guess your not allowed to put that stuff online so if i were you i would take it off before you get in some serious trouble!

- Krystal

My mom and i went into five points and the car started acting up and the radio wouldn't work. Then a car followed us until we went into Brookfield. My brother went into the farm house in five points with his friends and they went into the basement and they heard foot steps upstairs and they thought they we're locked in but then they finally got out they still do not know what the noise was!

- Anonymous

We went to the Biros house last Saturday night about 1:30 am. We got caught by the police and were threatened with criminal trespassing.

- Rob

I heard at a certain day and certain time of the year I'm not sure what day or time but on the railroad tracks there's 2 ghost trains that come towards each other and they pass through each other and another one i heard was there was this women that all like the outcast people of every group came n talked to her well one day while she was doing a scruffiest she scruffiest a baby and instead of being burned alive she hung herself i heard sometimes you can see her ghost hanging herself.

- Anonymous

We went the 5 points last night. now i've heard many different stories but one factor in every story that always comes up is, the train tracks that Amy Boyle supposedly killed herself on...aren't used anymore. well me and some friends went to the tracks and saw a light. the one friend has been there a few times and said he's always seen the light but no train. The rails weren't down ... we went over the tracks and turned around at the closest street which was about 2 minutes away. by now... the rails should be down. but by the time we got back to the tracks they were just going down as we approached them. the train really came through this time... but as we looked at it... it seemed as if it were coming out of nowhere. we looked towards the end of it... but we couldn't see it until it was right in front of us.

- Lindsey

Tonight my boyfriend, a couple friends and I went to Five Points tonight although we've been there a million times before. Well we were going past the house on King Graves next to the railroad tracks.. We all stopped moving suddenly.. we all could hear a woman screaming. At first we thought it was the radio.. but no, it was a woman.. and WE ALL HEARD IT.

- Anonymous

I was driving with both of my parents and decided to go to the bridge first. Well it was around 5 o clock and we saw an old man standing on the bridge. right before we passed we seen his hand raised and started waving to us. Everything is true out there because everything has happened to me personally, and my parents also.

- Anonymous